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Integrated Access

Control to Facilities

Manage Security Information

Facility information can be organized as a hierarchy of secured areas to manage and monitor access. Organizations can enter and manage all security related assets and information such as doors, gates, lock/unlock schedules, security rules, incident response templates and personnel roles and privileges.


Controlled Physical Access

Organizations can manage access into any electronically controlled door or gate, anywhere, throughout their facilities. Doors and gates can be electronically locked or unlocked based on schedules and situations. Authenticated personnel can be granted access to doors and gates based on organizational security rules, roles, schedules, certificates, areas and situations.


​Incident Access Planning

Organizations can prepare for possible emergency situations by building and storing incident response templates. Based on likely scenarios, users create and name an incident situation, then list the appropriate security rules and the appropriate responders for that situation. The incident response template is then stored – ready for immediate activation during an exercise or actual incident.


Incident Lockdowns

Organizations can automatically lockdown areas during emergencies by activating a pre-stored incident response template, using one of three methods: 1) an authorized person can select and activate a template from any web browser; or 2) a hard input such as an alert button can activate a template; or 3) the use and acceptance of a pre-designated badge, held by a Security Director or Police Chief.


Automated Responder Access

Once an incident response template is activated for an area, the area’s security assets are then controlled based on the defined rules of that particular incident. Doors are locked or unlocked based on the situation. Only personnel appropriate to the situation are granted access. This can include responder groups that under normal situations were not allowed access, are now granted access.

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