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Chapters & Advisory Councils 

ACS Chapters are communities of interest developed by and for our member agencies. Three or more member agencies are eligible to create chapters which are communities either based on geographic location, such as a region, or based on industry type, such as healthcare. A single member agency can belong to one or more chapters of interest.

Advisory Councils consist of cross cutting members that share a common interest in a particular topic or solution such as standardized credentialing or resource sharing. Advisory council participation is limited by invitation only to active chapter members, and selected subject matter experts.

If you are a member of ACS and see a Chapter below that you believe would be a good fit for your organization or if you would like to apply for a new chapter status, please contact us at

Regional Programs

​​based on geographic location


California Bay Area Chapter
Cross Timbers Chapter
Houston UASI
Panhandle Program
South Plains Program
South Texas Chapter
South Central Texas Chapter
West Texas Program


Industry Programs

 based on industry focus


CalWARN Program
Livestock Industry Program
Senior Care Chapter


Advisory Councils

 by invitation only


Content and Practices
Community Outreach
Credentialing Standards
Education and Training
Executive Advocacy
Funding Coordination
Sector Development
Solution Strategies
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