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An Interlocal Cooperative Model for Building & Sustaining Urban and Rural Security

Is your jurisdiction struggling to meet growing expectations from residents while facing reduced budgets and cutbacks in Federal programs?

Is it increasingly difficult to sustain, much less improve, levels of preparedness?

The Alliance for Community Solutions is designed as a solution to the problem of keeping up with changing technology while meeting the budget crunch that many jurisdictions and regions now face.


Based on a model begun in Texas in 2007, and now used by a growing number of regions across the State of Texas and across the USA, the alliance provides a way for local and regional communities to define their technology needs and find other areas or organizations with similar needs. Then, by joining together and creating a larger project than possible for an individual region, they share in a reduced cost of entry and lower priced ongoing fees when purchasing advanced solutions that would otherwise be financially out of reach for the individual jurisdiction

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