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Alliance Grant Program

 ACS receives funds from different sources, including ACS members themselves, which are used to further the goals and mission of the organization which can include making grants available to Community Members. At times, ACS may receive funds designated for grant distribution to communities.


ACS Community Members are eligible to apply for and, if accepted, receive ACS grant funds. Non-member Communities may be eligible to apply if they have an interest in the goals of ACS and as allowed by specific grants.


Generally, grant requests from Community members affiliated with an ACS Chapter, requests that benefit the common good for the greatest number of ACS members and requests that include other sources of available funds will be given priority consideration.

Funding may be used to support the needs of one or more Community Member(s) in achieving higher levels of resiliency and public safety and may include obtaining access to hardware or software, development of or finding new technologies or solutions for the common good of the ACS membership, spreading the reach of the ACS program or for any other purpose as may be deemed beneficial by the ACS Board in supporting the goals and mission of the ACS organization and its Community Members.


Funding decisions by the Grant Committee or ACS Board will be based on funding availability and the rules associated with a given grant.  ACS reserves the rights to decline to award any grant,negotiate any award of assistance and award partial or complete grants.


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