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Starting a Chapter

 ​Starting an ACS Chapter is simple. We want creating a chapter to require minimal effort since our members have busy work lives and don’t need another large project. We want chapter creation to  focus on maximizing the benefits of sharing technologies and preferred practices to improve community resiliency and community welfare.

To start an ACS Chapter all that is required is for three or more member agencies who share a common geographic region, discipline, or topic become active, regular members of ACS. Nearly any community of interest can be considered for chapter status, and members can participate in multiple chapters to meet long term or project needs.

Active community members of ACS are encouraged to work together and with ACS to maximize the benefits of ACS membership to themselves and their communities. Each chapter will meet at least quarterly either in person or virtually; such meeting dates and times are coordinated through ACS and webinar links and a conference number can be provided for invitees.

"Community Members" include governmental and quasi-governmental entities, jurisdictions or other public sector organizations as well as not-for-profit organizations that will join others to seek to improve the resiliency and overall welfare of their communities.

"Technology Members" are organizations that are willing to commit one or more of their products and/or services to provide inter-jurisdictional-based, cost effective, shared solutions to Community Members with an eye toward enhancing community resiliency and overall welfare. This membership level is limited to no more than one fourth of the number of Community Members.

"Professional Members" include organizations whose services promote the concept of inter-jurisdictional-based, shared solutions for resiliency and the general welfare of the member communities. Professional Members will comprise no more than one-fifth (1/5) of the total Membership.


"Sponsoring Members” are organizations that provide direct support to the goals of ACS and its Chapters in the form of financial, in-kind and/or action-based contributions.

Contact us for more information on joining The Alliance or forming a chapter.

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