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Appointment & Clinic Management

Appointment Registration Management

Agencies can provide web access for the general public or specific groups to register themselves, their families or their residents for events such as vaccination clinic or emergency shelters. Registrants choose from available locations, dates and times where events will be held. Any required information or consent forms can be sent to all registrants, along with confirmation and reminders of the location, date and time that individuals are scheduled to arrive.

Staff Scheduling for Clinics / Shelters

Agencies can define the locations, dates and times that area clinics, registration centers, shelters or other events will require staffing by employees and/or volunteers. Once registered, these persons can access this schedule via the web to select the places, dates and time periods that work best for them. The available times automatically adjust as the required positions are filled through the sign-up process.

Clinic Load Balancing

During setup, the system allows users to define the number of registrants allowed by time period and location for each clinic. Furthermore, initial and total capacities can be established for each clinic with the system automatically adding more appointments and corresponding staff positions across all time periods to level load the flow of appointments during the hours of operation. The system can notify the clinic manager as these planned adjustments occur over time.

Appointment Screening

During set up, users can define “decision tree” rules that will help the general public step through the decision process to determine the appropriate course of action for each registrant. The rules direct the registrant to another web-site for further actions, can recommend a course of action, provide a detailed instruction document or allow them to proceed with the registration based upon each person meeting the qualifications.

Appointment Registration

For any clinic or appointment type event, residents can link to the public registration form usually provided on several local public websites. The forms can be setup and available to the public in English, Spanish or both. A registrant screening tool can help the registrant select the right options available for them and if needed, a consent form can be auto-generated from the registrant’s questions for each person to sign and bring to the clinic on the day of their appointment. The system can send auto-reminders to ensure that each appointment is kept.

Appointment Tracking / Follow-up

The day of the clinic or event, the staff at each location can retrieve the list of participants or constituents that have registered for that clinic location for each designated time period. As each person receives the vaccination or completes the clinic process, that confirmation is entered into the system. At the end of the day, reports can be created for local, regional and State submittal.

Registration Center Management

Registration centers can be setup and managed to quickly and easily gather information into the system. When the initial appointment is made, the registrant is automatically added into the appropriate directory along with relevant contact information. The system will also send an automatic confirmation email to each registrant for review of information. When the person arrives at the appointed time, they can receive the designated services or support in the timeliest manner.

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