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The Alliance for Community Solutions (ACS) is a community-based association that uses a combination of organizational membership and individual participant models to establish the level of subscription pricing for each member agency. This unique value-cost model provides the lowest cost options for any agency to connect with groups of interest, access solutions and proven practices that are available to members and over-time expand their access to more solutions for more of their staff in increments, as needs and benefits are recognized. Furthermore, the annual subscription model is designed to cover all traditional costs associated with providing the selected technologies and proven practices for our member agencies.

Any public sector, public service or non-profit organization is eligible to become a member of ACS. These organizations can be an independent member agency or a group sponsor which is single organization representing a community of members (e.g. multiple jurisdictions, organizations or agencies), either by geographic area or industry. Sponsors can support their group of member agencies assisting them by providing access to solutions, collaboration groups and best practices, technical training or other support. Alternately, the added levels of support can be provided to member agencies through the ACS subscription. Each member or sponsor organization determines the number of individuals needing access, the types of solutions needed for each person and their level of participation in the program which will determine the overall member subscription. 


Join the
CiiBR Network

ACS programs connect local response agencies with one another, as well as local businesses with local governments to help strengthen communications and increase the capacity to share information for local emergencies.


The CiiBR Network offers communities and businesses of every size to work together to prepare and respond to local and regional emergencies. Through the CiiBR Network local  communities can better prepare, identify and mobilize all local organizations in advance to improve community resiliency.  

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