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Document Control & Publishing

Document Registration / Updates

Users can also send links to other member agencies to register and update any number of key documents for their organization, such as emergency plans, annexes and others. Documents can be securely shared with emergency management and other critical agencies to support county or regional access to this information. Once available, authorized administrators can review and comment on documents, as well as further release final documents for secured or public access, as appropriate.

Document Management

Users can categorize, store, retrieve, check in, check out, maintain versions, manage releases, copy or view a wide variety of documents, including; emergency plans, protocols, policies, checklists, training and exercise materials, drawings, maps, floor plans, databases, news releases, educational materials and many more.

Public / Private Document Publishing

Users can publish documents maintained in the secure repository to either secured or unsecured portals. This allows secure information such as protocols and checklists to be password restricted, while other documents can be made available to the general public via one of the many existing websites within the region.


Secured Document Sharing

This function lets licensed users selectively share documents. Managers can limit availability to access the document to users in their organization, or specific people in a group. Managers can further require the document to be accessed only from the document portal.

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