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Credentialing &

Generating ID Cards

Skills / Training / Credentials
In addition to their contact information, appropriate users can maintain skills, training, credentials, experience, emergency medical information and other pertinent data directly into their own Personal Profile. While the exercises serve as a reminder to update this information, any user can update their personal profile information at any time by logging into the system.

Tiered Credential Verification
Once entered, personnel and volunteer credentials can be verified to confirm accuracy by the individual agency, by a central verification authority, or both, as defined by each network. Credentialing rules can be established based on the type of badge or privileges being created and applied across one or more agencies or networks to ensure that mutual aid personnel from different regions and states have been vetted to the same standard. The verification of each credential is shared in summary for mutual aid within the system; however verification details and the supporting credential documents for each person are managed and maintained online in the system, but not shared.

Badging / Identification
Comprehensive information about responders, volunteers and staff can be maintained in the system by the individual, the agency or combination of both. The system can generate any layout for badges or any form of printed identification and provide to these persons, for any local or regional purpose and specific to a limited period of time. Multiple badges can be issued for each person and these can be unique to the agency or coordinated across one or more regions to establish a standardized identification to support local, regional or national mutual aid.

Reentry Authorization
Private sector critical and essential personnel can be identified in the system and granted recovery access authorization either before or after event impact. This allows badges or certificates to be provided to any of these identified personnel, specific to an event, an area and limited period of time. This information can be coordinated with local and state law enforcement and emergency managers, permitting limited access to a disaster or reentry to an impact area to perform critical functions immediately following a disaster.

Spontaneous Volunteers
Volunteer registration centers can be setup and managed to quickly and easily gather information into the system. When the initial form is submitted, the volunteer is automatically added into the appropriate directory along with relevant contact information. Volunteers can arrive as needed and credentials can be quickly entered and verified and the system can generate a badge for each individual. The system will also send an automatic confirmation email to each registrant for review of information.

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