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Community Contact Directory
Organization information is always available at the level of precision you want and need. Directory information is maintained by each participating agency, with scheduled confirmation or update requests to ensure that information accuracy. Participating organizations can include emergency contacts and define lines of succession for each agency.

Member Updates / Surveys
Surveys can be sent to member agencies to gather additional relevant information. These surveys can be embedded in the annual or semi-annual exercise or contact confirmation, increasing response levels and data accuracy. The new information can be maintained on a going forward basis.

At-Risk Facility Registration
Registering at-risk facilities and vulnerable populations ensures they are included in emergency planning and exercises and can be given proper assistance during an emergency. These facilities often include traditional high-risk CIKR facilities and may also include pre-school, childcare and adult daycare facilities, as well as senior housing and long term care facilities.

Private Sector Key Resources
Critical infrastructure groups and other private sector businesses can register and maintain their organizational contact information and even key resources within the network. Whether a public or private sector registration, the system will map these agencies to provide information related to any specific need and provide 24/7 contact information for quick access to these resources.

Desktop Access to Resources
The Mi-INFO Gadget provides instant access to network information including; community directories, update links, communications, calendars, resource maps and other applications directly from the desktop — keeping authorized users always connected to their information network. Administrators provide RSS feeds to distribute announcements and information via the gadget to users across their network or to specific agencies.

Mobile Directory Access
Authorized users can access agency physical and web addresses, daily and emergency key contacts from anywhere by using the mobile access link on Blackberry, iPhone, Android and other Internet enabled mobile devices. Similar to the Gadget search, this function allows more mobile access to these critical agency and personal contacts for quick communications.

Creating Collaborative Communities

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