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Introducing Fully Connect -- the mobile  App that lets i-INFO users receive i-INFO communications and weather alerts without relying on email and/or text services. 


Anywhere you have access to the Internet, as part of your phone plan or by wi-fi, you have rapid access to critical emergency information.  


The Alliance for Community Solutions (ACS) offers this web-based service to its registered users. The mobile App makes getting information you want easier, while avoiding the cost of SMS messaging or the need for multiple log-ins. If you are registered to receive information from i-INFO you can download this free app.   


If you want to register for community and emergency notifications through the i-INFO System, click here to learn more. 

Available for

  • iPhone/iPad (iOS version 6 or above)

  • Android (version 4.1.2 or above)


Click here for help with Fully Connect.

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