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Senior Care Chapter

There are currently over 150 Senior Care  members of the Alliance for Community Solutions. All are represented by the Senior Care Chapter and any agencies with a focus on public health specific to the needs of long term care are eligible to join the group. Senior care communities include, but are not limited to independent living, assisted living, continuing care, skilled nursing and those groups that support our communities.


The primary goal of our chapter is to build resiliency for our long term care communities in the event of an emergency. We want to prepare for All Hazards and the disruptions any one or combination of events can cause to long term care communities. To accomplish this we seek to provide the most current and useful technologies, training and information for residents and staff of our member organizations. It has been clearly demonstrated that stabilization and restoration to operations is dependent on well trained employees who work with the residents and who understand the time and effort required to successfully prepare for critical and emergency situations.

We created the Senior Care Chapter of the Alliance to spread solutions, proven practices and critical information across our industry. According to recent FEMA webinars for the private sector, business entities impacted by emergencies are helped the most by having accurate business-to-business information and a sharing network of similar businesses. ACS is the only organization we know that can facilitate the sharing of technologies, information and communication at a reasonable cost with the least staff time expended.

Our chapter wants to work with other like-minded organizations who agree that planning before an emergency occurs is critical. Our goal is to ensure that health departments, clinics, hospitals and long term care facilities have established effective supply lines of prescription medications and have priority access to equipment, supplies, home comfort items such as fans, and repair materials. Secondly, our goal is to obtain and provide table top drill training and programs, including scenarios that can be adapted to include our industry at the table and meet our unique challenges. In this way, we and our home jurisdictions can best meet all residents' needs.

If you share this vision and would like to learn more about participating with us, please email us.

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